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Returning to the Creation of Wealth

Money flows in one of only three ways: The political economy of Washington - a black hole of waste, fraud, and abuse; the speculative economy of Wall Street's 'derivatives' - what Warren Buffet calls 'financial weapons of mass destruction'; and the wealth-creating economy of Main Street.

Wealth is created when people take the raw materials of the earth and turn them into useful things.  And when people exchange that wealth, jobs are created. San Diego's craft beer scene is a perfect example. Farmers grow grain and hops.  Artisan brew masters take them, water, and a host of interesting ingredients and make something people want.  And here in San Diego they are doing it better than just about anywhere.

I will work in Congress to make the tough fiscal choices needed to move us away from the waste of Washington and the gambling on Wall Street. Money will flow again to Main Street - where real people make real things and create real wealth.

John Horst Win the Future Congressional Campaign Committee
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