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Health Care Insurance

We must stop tinkering around the margins of a failed system.  We need a new model which works and renders ObamaCare obsolete.  Then the consumer will be able to 'repeal' ObamaCare entirely on their own.  This new model will look like this:

  • Recent changes ordered by the President open up the opportunity for people to qualify for a group policy - where you cannot be denied for pre-existing conditions - outside of employment.  This is an extremely important improvement.

  • I will advocate for an expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to allow people to buy any kind of insurance through them, and use any excess funds for un-reimbursed expenses.  I will propose a tax credit for business who match their employee's contribution to these accounts.

  • By creating tax incentives for businesses to support their employees in paying for their group policy through their employment - even if they obtain that policy in another group - we will avoid the pitfall of groups merely becoming expensive high risk pools.

John Horst Win the Future Congressional Campaign Committee
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