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The Issues of the Day

John believes public policy must arise from patient listening. John will work to end corporatist influence so the voices of the many will once again be heard over the money of a few.

John believes in a model of freedom and individual liberty, and restraints on government which follow.  John speaks here in his own voice on the important issues of the day.

Tax Policy

We must continue to support home ownership and small businesses by keeping tax rates as low as possible.

Returning to the Creation of Wealth

Wealth is created when people take raw materials and turn them into useful things. And when wealth is created, good jobs follow - middle class, living wage jobs.

Fiscal Responsibility

We must begin telling the truth about our economy - and then follow through on our commitments to each other.

Civil Liberties in the Digital Age

The Fourth Amendment guarantees the right to be "secure in our papers and effects."  But the information in these 'papers and effects' is now in the cloud... and we do not own the data!

Cyber Security

One the most important policy issues - cyber security - has no one in Congress who knows enough about it to be an effective advocate.

Domestic Security

We WILL NOT be a soft target in this country!

Foreign Policy

Sixteen years at war is too long. I support revoking the funding for the war in Afghanistan.

Health Care Insurance

We must stop tinkering around the margins of a failed system.  We need a new model which works.  Then the consumer will be able to 'repeal' ObamaCare entirely on their own.

Drug Policy

The War on Drugs has failed. We need a new policy which makes room for medicinal use of marijuana while protecting our communities from the ravages of opiates.

Monetary Reform and Trade Policy

'Free trade' is a wonderful concept - in theory.  But when we spend years negotiating trade agreements only to have their benefits stripped away in weeks as currencies fluctuate, 'free trade' fails to deliver on its promises.

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